District Facts

Geographic Size of District: 347 Sq./Miles


Population of District: 28,000


Registered Voters in District: 19,719


Age Profile: Median age 49


Income Profile: Median Income:  $44,310


Racial Diversity Profile: 76.4% White, 6.5% Hispanic, 4.3% Native American, 2.9% Asian, 1.1%Black, 10.3% two or more races.


 Expansion Plan


To provide high quality, safe, and accessible aquatic

programs, services, and facilities that enhances the

quality of life for all ages, cultures, and abilities, which

encourage health, wellness, learning and fun.



  • People-focused: Provide the aquatic recreational needs of our community that strengthens the body, sharpens the mind, and renews the spirit of current and future generations.


  • Sustainable Excellence: Deliver the highest quality sustainable product, service, facility and experience financially possible.

  • Integrity: Operate with an objective, honest, and balanced perspective.


  • Collaborative: Work in cooperation with all stakeholders including residents, communities, public and private organizations, and policymakers.


  • Diversity: Support the public we serve, and offer suitable programs, activities, and services that are accessible.


  • Dedication: Commit to getting the job done the right way, no matter what it takes.


  • Fun: Provide fun and enjoyable activities for all ages and abilities.



 The William Shore Memorial Pool District is a government agency responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the William Shore Memorial Pool facility. The District also plans, develops, and implements a wide range of recreational programs and activities that reflect the interests of all age groups.


The William Shore Pool was built in 1961 and opened in May of 1962. The facility was dedicated to the memory of William "Bill"  Shore who was a coach and swim teacher in Port Angeles. From 1962 to 2008 the City of Port Angeles owned and operated the pool facility.


The Park District was established by the voters in 2009. It is a separate governmental entity known as a "Metropolitan Park District" and serves all of the residents who live within the District's service area, which is currently the Port Angeles School District boundaries.


Pool District operations are funded by revenue generated through program fees, tax dollars, grants, donations, and interest. These funds pay the staff members who care for the facility, plan and supervise programs, and help you register for classes. They also pay for all the materials, supplies, utilities, and other resources required to keep the facility functional, attractive, and safe. Your Pool District responsibly uses available funds to plan, design, and construct new features and programs at the facility, renovate and upgrade the existing facility for you and your neighbors to enjoy.


A board of five Commissioners set policy and carry out the official business of the District. Board Commissioners are composed of two City of Port Angeles Councilpersons and two Clallam County Commissioners and one at-large Commissioner, who is approved by the WSMPD governing board and can serve a four year term. All Board Commissioners serve without pay.


Financial Aid

William Shore Pool has a financial Aid and Scholarship program available to low income families who want to participate in any of the programs offered at the William Shore Pool. This includes admissions, lessons, and exercise programs. Fill out the Financial Aid and Scholarship Application and turn into the pool office for processing.