District Strategic Plan


Current Strategic Plan

In 2014 the District will be drafting a new Stragetic Plan to carry us to 2020.  It will be updated on an annual basis.  We have formed a Strategic Planning Committee to help the staff prepare the plan.  We have two Board Commissioners, two Advisory Committee members, our District Accountant, the Executive Director and the Aquatics Manager.  We will post the plan here once it is drafed so we can receive input prior to the Board approving it.


2011-2013 Stragetic Plan

In 2011 the District embarked on a two year stragetic plan that would bring our facility up to health and safety codes and replace all our inefficient mechanical systems, this plan was called our “Energy Improvement Project”.


In 2012, the District started the upgrades and completed to project in July of 2013. This was the largest public works project the since the facility was opened in 1962. At the conclusion of the project the pool facility was completely upgraded with new mechanical equipment, domestic plumbing, pool plumbing and lighting. The total cost of the project was $2.1 million. This project is estimated to save the District approximately $50,000 per year in electrical expense and has extended the life of the District facility by 25 years and the return on investment is between 7-9 years.


The project items completed during this time were:

  • Replacement of all pool piping, gutter drains and inlets

  • Natatorium overhead lighting

  • Replacement of main city water line and installing new PRV and Backflow preventers

  • Replacement of the Main Boiler

  • Replacement of the Natatorium Air Handling Unit

  • Replacement of the Locker Room Air Handling Units

  • The Addition of a new Air Handling Unit for the entry and office space

  • The Installation of a New Water Source Heat Pump to supplement the Main Boiler

  • Installation of an extra 300 gallon Domestic Hot Water storage tank to bring our total domestic hot water storage of 600 gallons

  • Installation of our new Salt water disinfection system

  • Installation of Ultra Violet Disinfection system

  • Installation of 8 new energy efficient motors and Variable Speed Drives

  • Replacement of the overhead lighting in the hallways and locker rooms

  • New Pool covers for use during closed hours

  • New Co2 pH application system to replace the use of liquid Muriatic Acid

  • Replacement of the main transformers from 416v to 480v

  • Replacement of the main switch gear and subpanels

  • Replacement of new chemistry control system

  • Installation of a new Digital Control system for all energy related items